The real Birmingham Six are an example of a very bad conscience from an administration of justice.

More than 20 years ago, 6 irish men living in Birmingham were being accused of being IRA-terrorists and sentenced to lifelong imprisonment for a pub bombing in 1974.

After 17 years the administration admitted, that the evidence on which the men had been convicted were false, but justice had to be carried out, so the administration had picked on the potential criminal; working class men with Irish accents.

They were released after 17 years of incarceration, but never got an official apology.

Through the years many similar cases have been brought to the public’s attention, a. o. the release of The Guildford Four.

By taking the name of a so called terrorist organization, BIRMINGHAM 6 focuses on the injustices taking place, not just in a reign of terror, but even in a modern western democratic society.

BIRMINGHAM 6 questions the power of the system and the system’s lack of will to admit it’s own infallibility.

The full story of The Birmingham Six can be found in the book “Error Of Judgement” by Chris Mullin (published by Poolbeg Press Ltd.). This book depicts all the trials and errors which led to their conviction in 1975. The book presents a full-length and well documented insight into how both the police and the English judicial process operated at that time – and probably still does!